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Wednesday, 22 August, 2018
Magnesium Chloride Yellow Granules Food Grade | OLE Chemical Magnesium chloride is a chemical compound with the formula MgCl2, **[Magnesium Chloride Yellow Granules][1]** , which comes in anhydrous and multiple hydrated crystal forms. OLE Chemical manufactures high-quality Magnesium chloride powder and flake in Chi...
Saturday, 11 August, 2018
Sodium metabisulfite in Food Powder | OLE Chemical OLE Chemical supplies high ratio of price to quality Na2S2O5. **[Sodium metabisulfite food Powder][1]** grade is widely used as preservative, bleaching or leavening agent, and antioxidant in food. [1]: https://olechem.com/products/sodium-metabisul...